Thursday, February 18, 2010

Official Release...

The most anticipated album of the year,'Jag Of All Trades' is going to be released March 12,2010 from the Chocolate City stable.It's official now!...Nigeria Stand Up for the Greatest!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

M.I has been shortlisted for the KORA Awards 2010..however youneed to vote to get him into the finalist stage! How? Just text "KORA M.I" to 33320 from any network NOW! Voting closes Midnight tomorrow Sunday the 14th February 2010! Come on guys we can make this happen and tell a friend to tell a friend!

Monday, February 8, 2010

Future Awards 2010...

Jesse Jagz and M.I made a good appearance at the Future Awards 2010 and walked away with an award each-Musician of the Year Award and the Producer of the Year award!
It's a great start for the year...and we are grateful for the votes and incredible support...
Next stop?!...Jagz' album release...

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Jos Trip...

After the crisis that erupted in Jos in January(Jan 19 precisely),the Chocolate City family-Audu Maikori(CEO Chocolate City),M.I,Jesse Jagz,Iceprince(who were all born in Jos),Doosuur,Lindsey,Shola Ladipo of G.I.I.V.E(Get involved in Volunteer Experience) and a couple of friends took a trip on Tuesday,February 2,2010 to assess the situation.

Got in at about 12 p.m. and was received by the Mrs Jang,the Governor's wife in the Government house in Du near Rayfield.We had a couple of interviews and then headed to the State Secretariat to drop off some foodstuff and toiletries we had with us.

On our way,we saw what the crisis had done...burnt down houses,burnt cars...There were suspicious stares on the vehicle we were in(had tinted glasses) and was in the company of a security convoy.There were many security check points on the way.

For people like me who have lived in Jos before the first crisis and the subsequent ones,it was really painful to see how scared and suspicious people had become.You could literally see and feel the unhappiness and skepticism that the Jos inhabitants felt.

We met Mrs.Norma a caucasian lady and owner of Zamani farms in Jos. She had seen most of her workers killed on her farm and had taken responsibility for the welfare of those who had sought refuge at hers.We gave her a few things we had and will hopefully try to get back to her as often as we can.

We had an interview at Plateau Radio Television and then headed back home.It was great to know that there was a lot of concern about the Jos crisis and what it had turned it to. Another trip would definitely be a better chance to help as many as we can.

Fundraising concerts for the Jos victims are in the offing. More details will be on soon...